kulebyaka kulebyaka kulebyaka
solyanka solyanka
Borscht Borscht

Traditional Russian foods – which are the popular ones?

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BorschtA soup that can be eaten hot or cold with made primarily from beetroots but ca also include cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes and tomatoes.  A proper chunky sour soup.


solyankaAnother hearty soup that can be made with meat, fish or mushroom as the feature ingredient and garlic to suit your taste. Don’t forget the pickled cucumbers!


kulebyakaA pie that looks a lot like a British pastie – but that it where the similarity ends as this pie has sturgeon, buckwheat and salmon as some of the main ingredients.



morozhenoeThis is a very rich and creamy ice cream popular served with chocolate chips or strawberries. Many people who have tries this say it is much better than any western ice cream.


PelmeniBasically this is a small dumpling made from dough which is usually unleavened. You can find them with fillings made from mince, onions, maybe turnip and mushroom.


bliniThese are little pancakes more like a thick crepe,usually made from buckwheat. You can go savoury or even sweet – special with caviar on top.



KhachaSometimes round and sometimes shaped like a bout – the Russian preferred version of a pizza. Cheese and egg surrounded by leavened crust bread


ZharkStews are very traditional Russian meals and this one is a slow cooked beef and potato beauty. Some say it is similar to a Goulash.